Let’s GO! (Pokémon GO-themed rant)


If you have read this little blog of mine in the past, you’ll see several Pokémon-themed posts. Be it chronicles regarding Amourshipping or a nostalgic approach at Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s soundtrack.

Today, I bring you Pokémon GO, the newest craze. Yeah, it is a craze. Yeah, I’m in it. And I love every second of it, except when I run out of Pokéballs or megabytes in my data plan.

But there are people who don’t like it. And it’s their God-given right. What’s not their right, is saying that the world has gone crazy because the younger generation is chasing digital versions of small pocket monsters.

What they don’t understand, is that this is the closest science has gone to allow us to live out our dreams of being Pokémon Trainers.

Those of us who hopped in the Pokémon craze during the early 2000s have since then, in the back of our minds, always desired to be Pokémon masters. The nay-sayers simply do not understand how nostalgic it is to us… And the game encourages exploring, creating social connections, developing bonds with fellow trainers… But no… It’s “a game for children”…

And possibly the worst “offense” these people do, they criticize us for playing Pokémon GO, but they start playing Candy Crush right after…

Pokémon GO is freaking awesome, despite the fact that people are playing it irresponsibly.

Rob out. drops mike


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