True Story.


Here’s another writing. This one has the trait of being completely true. Who knows, maybe the person in this story is reading this (highly unlikely)

Riding on the train has always been 10 minutes of boredom, with little else to do than listening to music and looking at the landscape I’ve seen before about a thousand times. But not this time. Today, something happened.

Today, someone got aboard the train.
This girl got on the train. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this girl, except for the fact that she took glances at me. That was enough to make my day. But the day was just getting started.

As I got off the train, I noticed she followed me from a distance. I took a shortcut and turned around to see if she still followed me. She didn’t, but I lingered a little longer. And she appeared from my right, going her own way. As I walked away, I look at her and see her looking at me.

There we were, separated by a dancing fountain, looking at each other. Somehow, I think I’ll see this girl again. I certainly am hoping so…


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