Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know


I think I found myself a new use for this blog besides writings. A memory dumpster. And here goes the first.

This song fits into the category “I Know Where I Was When I First Heard It And It Became A Memory That’s Kinda Sad”.IKWIWWIFHIAIBAMTKS is a special category of songs that do exactly what the name of the category describes.

For people who know me and my life, you’ll know that I love computers, and in 2014, I became a web designer. But before I became a web designer, even before I thought of that, I was taking a course on entrepreneurship, which required that I took the train on a 10-minute trip somewhere far from my home. I heard it on the radio and downloaded it to my phone, along with a few songs from The Killers (Mr. Brightside has the spotlight here).

As I am aware of the Law of Attraction, as soon as the things started to move I could see that it was I who originated this chain.

Why am I elongating this so much? Well, long story short, I have posted stuff about having almost falling for a girl, only to have her being stolen. This song acts as a confirmation that I didn’t do all I could.


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