Another post from the Soul


Hey, did you really think that I’d close this blog or stop writing on it?

Today I wanted to bring you two posts, but I was too busy so I decided to insert both topics in the same post. Both topics are personal. Very.

Topic 1:

I’m an ass. Not the animal kind of ass, but the idiotic kind of ass.

A few months ago (about 17 of them), there was an event in which things were said and I forgot a key part of the conversation. Basically, I thought the other person was a insert VERY FILTHY insult here for doing what he did, but he offered me the chance to try again and I forfeited it. I forgot about it until this morning. So, wherever you are, name censored, I’m sorry.

Now, Topic 2:

I’m done with this. Every time I get close to a girl, I end up with doubts and questions. Well, that ends now.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed our Deep Thought segment.


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