December 16 – Third Rate Romance


Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story. – Source

Hmm… Interesting… There are 2 categories in which this question would fit:

-Considering I was in a relationship, describe the funniest way a relationship you had ever went to shit,


-Describe, in extremely anguishing detail, how you failed to forge a relationship despite trying so hard and getting so far, but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

I’ll go with the second one, but I don’t know if I should write it. The people mentioned in it might read it. Unless I put this in the hands of something higher than myself.

5 coin tosses. More heads, I write the story. More tails, I don’t.


Oh well, too bad.

No, I’ll tell the story, but in broad details.

It happened last year. I spent almost 5 weeks sweet-talking a girl, while another guy did the same. I lost the race.

But we moved on. Time heals all wounds, right? Right? Right. I even dreamt about her today. In my dream, we were friends and she was helping me get another girl. Something I think she’d do.

This post reminded me how much fun writing can be… and how painful… and how inspiring.


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