October 9 – Advertisement


When I started making the 365 Day Writing Challenge, I didn’t post a clause stating that I couldn’t advertise stuff.

So, the other day I was browsing ’round Facebok, and found a link towards an amazing site called Cybrary.it. Now what drawn me to it was the fact that they advertized free hacker training! I followed the link, and was slightly disappointed to find out they meant ethical hacking training (because I’m kind of evil minded…) but hey, it said free.

And boy, they weren’t lying! All sorts of training are available from Social Engineering (which I’m kinda curious about myself), to Computer and Hacking Forensics, passing through Cryptography (an old favorite of mine).

Soon, they’ll be releasing their Jobs section, allowing companies to go to Cybrary and recruit people from there directly, which I will try to use to my advantage.

I don’t know if you guys are fans of computers or hacking or stuff like that, but if you are, Cybrary.it is a safe haven for learning.

Take IT from me. (Get it? IT? Information Technology? I’ll shut up now…)


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