May 13 – Weird Dreams


Today, instead of a daily prompt, I’m writing something I wrote myself.

Last night, I had a dream. Big whoop, right? It was a weird dream, but a fulfilling one with a clear message.

Me and my brother were hanging around the house when we see this girl, this pretty girl, just across the street. He then shoots some kind of projectile and the girl started chatting with my brother about some stuff. And here’s why you see it’s weird, when someone shoots a projectile at you, you don’t talk to them, you report them to the cops.

Somehow, I ended up with a CSI-style briefcase and would often look at them to rate their interaction.

I then stormed off, driven by some sort of jealousy, and tried my best to cool down, but my brother started bugging me, as he often does. Then, we fought, and I won. I earned my brother’s respect, and the girl found out I was into Portal, which caused us to bond. And then I found out her name, which I won’t reveal, in case such a girl exists.

The message is “never back down”

Just one thing: Is there any way to extract images from the subconscious?


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