April 20 – Personal Post Because I forgot to post yesterday


Since I forgot to post yesterday, I guess you guys deserve something more personal. Here’s something for you guys. Also, writing this helped find out what killed my cat.

For some reason, there’s an image and a date in my mind. THe date, October 3, 2014. The image, my two best friends (guy and girl, mind you) making out.
Let me put this in a sort of timeline.

October 2, a sunny thursday.

I arrive and a bunch of my classmates are discussing the teaching methods of one of our teachers. Two of our classmates wandered off for about two hours. Two neverending hours.

I knew something was up, but I played it cool, while screaming profanities at eveything and everyone who bothered me.

I woke up the following saturday, angry at them, willing to tear that romance apart. And then I saw the image above. I don’t think it to be an understatement to say this image saved my life. I immediately became calm.

I heroically held my ground the next monday, to test the waters. Tuesday, I told them “tomorrow I want to talk to the both of you”. Wednesday. The three of us talked, in a civilized way, about what the hell was going on there. I found out I was right, I punched a concrete wall (my standard anger resolution) and said, and meant, that I would help in any way I could.

A few days later, I find myself waiting for them. I don’t recall waiting for them that long, but when I look to my right, I see them kissing. But the position they were in, hand placement and such, has been mimicked by a few images I find in my fandoms. I’m willing to blame inexperience on that.

The fact is, ever since that moment, that images has been seared into my brain. I don’t mind that they’re dating, I mind that, one day, in the very near future (I’m an optimist), I get a girlfriend and that image haunts me so bad that I jeopardize the whole thing.

About my cat, well, it’d be to complicated for me to tell you.


One thought on “April 20 – Personal Post Because I forgot to post yesterday

  1. Carla S.

    In my opinion, we are all meant to to stay with someone. Sometimes we just think we’re not going to be happy with anyone, and in one day, you look to the other side (the side you never look), and you’ll find that person. Relax. That day will come.


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