March 13 – Twenty-five


There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!) – Source

Truth be told, I did this challenge once already, but I liked my answer so much, it’s complicated not to repeat it.

Understood. So I am supposed to make a whole blog post on a topic I choose, with just one condition: I must not use one of the letters of the alphabet. Challenge Accepted.

There are few things in this world that make me feel as much wonder and amazement than stargazing. It’s not something I do that often, but when I do it, it’s enough for me to smile and wonder what, at that exact moment, is occurring on the spot that star is shining. Science dictates that it is a black hole, or something like that. But I wonder at the worlds that star shone upon, and if that is the case, which civilizations dwelled on that same planet. I wonder, what do the beings of that planet think about when one of them looks heavenward…

And here it is. A blog post with just 25 letters of the alphabet. If someone looks at the usage of the words, it’s not that hard to find out which letter I chose not to use.


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