February 28 – First Light


Remember yesterday, when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

The first thought I had this morning, for some reason, was a song from The Corrs titled Only When I Sleep. Seemed kinda fitting.

Now what should I write about that can relate to “Only When I Sleep”? About dreams? That’s not true and we all know it, we daydream, on various occasions. About the rest the brain gets when one sleeps? I don’t know enough about it, except that it helps in the creation of long-term memories. Take the movie “50 First Dates”. Drew Barrymore‘s character has had an accident that causes her to have short-term memory loss and to forget the previous day when she falls asleep. Adam Sandler‘s character falls in love with her. And Rob Schneider somehow shows up in this movie, like with all Adam Sandler movies.

I’m just gonna leave this here, and you watch it if you want. There’s a revelation after this scene, so watch the whole movie.

What was the post about again?


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