January 24 – Shipwrecked


Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible? What would you have done?

I’ll sup this up. A story of forced cannibalism…
There seems not to be any definitive answer to this question, as people’s opinions and judgements would be the ones to dictate if the actions taken by Dudley are good or bad.

I can see Dudley’s point. In a situation where no sustenance is available, humans resort to extreme measures. And since Parker was already dying, he could use his body as a form of sustenance. If Dudley killed Parker swiftly, as to not make him suffer, I don’t see what’s wrong. Sure, legally, it’s a nightmare, but this is a human being doing his best to survive. The fact that before killing Parker, Dudley said a prayer, means he didn’t want to do it, and only did it because of the circumstances.


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