2014 in Hindsight


Ah, 2014… A year which ending… could be better.

2014 was a relatively good year, when it comes to writing. I was busy most days, and that gave way to great texts.

I met some people at which I probably wouldn’t look at twice. That is, until I crossed paths with them again.
My past caught up with me in a way I wouldn’t expect, and that made me expand my confort zone, by leaving it, step by step.
I became a web designer.
I have set some long term goals. Some of which you guys will know about in due time, but I hope you will like it.

Let us thank 2014, be it good or not, for all the things it brought us, for it set the way for the next year.
Here’s to 2015, to all the great stuff it’ll bring. All the oportunities it will give us. All the people we’ll meet. All that mankind will achieve.
Oh, and we’ll make contact with extraterrestrials. Peaceful ones, from the constellation of Kasterborous.

2014 in one song title… several come to mind, none totally fitting…
But my hopes for 2015 in one song title, that’s possible.

Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World

See you in 2015!


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