Chance Encounter


The asphalt is being seldomly rolled on by sets of four tires, two at a time.

Stepping into the cobblestoned sidewalk, this young man took a deep breath. He couldn’t quite believe. Seven years. Seven years has he been unemployed, and now, he finally found himself a job. It’s nothing fancy, or that required special skills, but he got a job, and he was happy. At long last, he had a steady source of income he was free to spend as he willed, without having to depend on his parents. Soon, he’d carry a pose that would infect every one he met with a grin, much like a virus.

The company who hired him was a small practitioner of the ancient art of Reiki. And the location was, lacking a better word, funny. It was next door to an office owned by attourneys in which an old friend of his worked. He was aware of this fact, but it had no effect on him having a job at that location. He liked alternative therapies. He always loved to know what the human mind was able to accomplish. Seeing a mentalist at work and finding out how he did it is his Woodstock. Hypnosis is one of his guilty pleasures.

But has he stood there, lost in his train of thought, a voice was heard. This voice did not blend in with the small crowd that usually leisured by that place at that time of day. It stood out. Itt was not loud, it was kind, with a hint of surprise, and a dash of excitement.

Racing through his mind, were all the possiilities this job could lead him to. Personal development, career progression, and girls. But he could hear his name being called out. And the voice that said his name was like an angel’s. And the moment he saw who was saying his name, his eyes widened.

She was short in stature, but her mind was big. She had a pair of eyes that seemed to grey out the clearest of blue skies. Her rosy lips had tempted him on more than one occasion and her long dark brown hair that did not require the help of gravity to fall down her back…


Off to a great start, don’t you think?


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