Can he love?


It grinds my gears when someone is lucky and doesn’t know it. It’s even worse when they ignore it on purpose…
I know of a guy who has, for an unhealthy amount of years, made girls fall for him, but then doesn’t reciprocate their feelings…
When I first met him, he had a young redhead girl, who was very pretty but prone to react with a temper. They travelled together for about 6 years. She cried when she had to go back home to her sisters. He said goodbye, and went on his way.

After that, a brunette girl found him and got attached to him. He took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew. Over time, she too got stricken with infatuation. And she too was ignored. Not even the rivalries of a green-haired guy made him see it otherwise. This went on for 4 years. Maybe, just maybe, hanging with her kid brother prevented him from making a move. Perhaps we’ll never know…

A blue-haired young girl comes into play at this point. Again, he takes her under his wing, but he’s not as protective of her as he was with his last protegé. It is my belief that he looked at her as the sister he never had…
It probably didn’t help that he traveled with a guy whose attempts at getting a girlfriend were lame, yet comical. And unsuccessful, all of them.

A big-haired young girl with a dragon-oriented goal. Both kept their distance from each other. The reason they did that is unknown to me.
And that brings us to now. Now, he’s got a light-brown young girl whom he all but forgotten when he met her as a little kid. Though he might not remember, she could not forget, and went on a journey just to find him. When she found him, she was going to literally put herself in harm’s way to see him. And still he was oblivious to her feelings…

Maybe he suffers from hypopituitarism, I don’t know. I don’t recall a single instance where he was attracted to a girl…


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