The Worst Prison in Existence


There are talks of a prison. This prison is like no other, no high-tech security systems, no demanding warden, no watch towers with armed guards. Hell, there aren’t even any guards. Yet, it’s the most secure prison ever designed. It’s more isolated than Alcatraz, and the acts that take place inside are reported to be worse than the things that “never took place” on Guantanamo.

This is the only prison in the world that forces teens and even children, although to a lesser extent, to walk side by side with their captors. It doesn’t force you to eat the same as all the others, and you can live your daily lives normally, but whether you want it or not, you’re in that prison.

There are millions of men and women, all alongside each other, yet in a prison of their own. There are very few instances of escapes from this God-forsaken dungeon, but every once in a while, a poor soul manages to escape, and is heralded as a hero. These heroes who have found a way to rise above their fellow equals and shout to the world that they have done the impossible, they’ve escaped from the most cruel prison in existence:



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