His Side


Here it is. His Side, the other half of Her Side.

Please enjoy!

He didn’t think he’d be targeted by Cupid or Eros or whoever was to blame for him to undergo the sweetest torture ever known to man. ‘If I shot arrows for a living, I’d be good at it too’, he said.

All it took was a moment. That kind of moment was hard, if not impossible, to replicate. He has seen her twice a week. He arrives early, rides the elevator to the 14th floor, and sits there, writing in his notepad, minding his own business. He never really took much interest in this particular girl. Yes, they were friends, but he was aiming his interests at the girl sitting behind her. But then, a few weeks ago, she helped him up. Since then, in addition to writing in his notepad, he keeps a watchful eye on the elevator doors in front of him, looking for her. He knew, with a fair degree of certainty, that they were friends.

But all it took was one moment. One shining, decisive, heartwarming moment. It played out like a scene from an old movie. The elevator doors were about to close, so he yelled at whoever was inside the device to stop the doors from closing. The doors opened again. As he slid inside the box, he saw who was inside. He wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for opening the door, but he froze. All he could do was stare into her eyes. An unknown factor was forcing him to approach her. They kissed.
That was it. That glorious moment was an exclamation mark to all that led up to this point. All the gods in all of creation would cease to be if that magical moment was destroyed.
14 floors. That’s how much they went down. People on the destination floor had to clear their throats to let them know that they had landed.


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