Her Side


Here’s another text, simply titled “Her Side”. It’s a 2-parter, His Side will come later today.

Enjoy, s’il vous plaît.

How did it come to this? Is the a cosmic joke? The Nine’s1 sense of humor?
She tried to fight it, she made sure not to fall into that trap again, but alas, there she was. Trapped. In love’s bind. ‘Cupid’s marksman skill must be quite high’, she said.

All it took was a moment. That kind of moment is hard, if not impossible, to replicate. She has seen him twice a week. The first thing she notices when the elevator doors open is the young man, in a red coat, sitting on the ground, writing in his notepad. On more than one occasion, she has given him some input on what he’s writing and, as a sign of camaraderie, helped him get up from the ground when the time to go came. She thought, or rather, was convinced that she only liked him as a friend. She was willing to risk her reputation on that.

But all it took was one moment. One shining, decisive, heartwarming moment. It played out like a scene from an old movie. He had asked her hold the door of the elevator. She did as she was asked, and when he entered the box, he looked into her eyes. She then felt something she couldn’t control, as if some kind of force was pushing her towards him. Their lips met.
That was it. That glorious moment was an exclamation mark to all that’s led up to this point. All the gods in all of creation would cease to be if that magical moment was destroyed.
14 floors. That’s how much they went down. People on the destination floor had to clear their throats to let them know that they had landed.

  1. Religious deities present in the Elder Scrolls series of games. 

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