The Life(ves) of a Gamer


This one is called “The Life(ves) of a Gamer”. Please forgive the crudeness of it and enjoy.

History is clay in our hands. In one moment, we’re commanding the armies of William Wallace, and the next, we’re firing automatic rifles at the Nazis on D-Day. Whatever we do in life, it doesn’t matter. When we step through that gate, we become someone else, someone who has a specific goal which we must achieve. But there’s also the other side. People say that we don’t see anything in life, due to being gamers. I was in Jerusalem during the Third Crusades. I was a valued friend of Leonardo Da Vinci in Renaissance Italy. I threw Cesare Borgia off a freaking building. I witnessed the atrocities committed by Charles Lee and stopped a coronal mass ejection!! I saw the Golden Age of Piracy with my own two eyes. And you dare say I haven’t seen anything? Some think we’re wasting our lives on games. That they don’t teach us anything. Untrue. They teach us history, math, science, but above all else they inspire people around the globe. And, perhaps most importantly, we make friends. Be it a girl who aged 20 years, while you were in some kind of alien stasis; or a metal ball with a bunch of crazy ideas. Be it an alien mainframe, or an AI with a cake fetish.

So, next time someone says to you, “Stop wasting your time in those stupid games, they won’t get you anywhere…”, you know you can forgive them, for they know not what they say. And now, the choice is yours. You can choose to keep them in the dark, by claiming that “ignorance is bliss”, or you can open their eyes to a world of many worlds, and share with them the sorrows and the joys of gaming…

Thank you all for reading!


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