The Internet is Down


This text is called “The Internet is down”.

It’s literally about what happens when the internet goes down. Some events may be fiction. 😀

It has been 2 minutes since the unthinkable occurred: the Internet connection went down.

For that young man, the world stopped. It stopped because he could not see his friends’ status updates on Facebook. The thought of being unable to harvest his crops and feed his pets on Farmville was something he didn’t even want to consider. How could he live on, knowing that there are candy to crush 1 and pets to rescue 2? This was the stepping stone that was required for mankind to descend back into the Stone Age. Without Internet, we’d all be banging rocks together and see what happens.

Hopefully, the connection would be restored and his fears would vanish.

Right then and there, he made a vow. He swore that he’d live his life differently, he’d find his purpose in life and he would follow it. He’d volunteer on an animal shelter; he’d get a girlfriend, a job and eventually, a life.

As if the Universe, or God, or the Nine Divines 3 was listening to him, the LED on the router started blinking again, which meant that the data flow between the router and the provider of services, and by extension, the worldwide network of computers had been restored. As soon as he noticed this, his gaze flew heavenward and, with a smile on his lips, he whispered, in a volume that could be considered the same as his regular one. Gratitude could clearly be noticed on his voice.

– “Thank you.”

The windows were transparent, allowing passersby to look inside and see the perfectly arranged mobile phones exposed for people to buy. If one were to place oneself strategically, one would be able to look inside and see a red-coated youngster, lively talking to the young woman in the shop, who was smiling contently.

Their conversation would forever be lost to the rest of the world, but she would play with her hair, and one would wonder if she forgot she was still in business hours.

After being poked in the arm by her co-worker, the young woman took a red box with white letters that read “Mobile Broadband Connection” that lay in the counter and placed it inside a plastic bag. She then scribbled something in a piece of paper and handed it to the young man.

After ten minutes, the young man walked out of the store with a plastic bag in tow. He reached into his pocket, grabbed a piece of paper, then smiled and looked back at the girl inside the store. He reached his hand to his ear, and made the “I’ll call you” gesture with his hand. He turned around, and as he walked away, he said, smiling:

–“Thank God the Internet failed.”

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Thank you for reading!

  1. Candy Crush Saga, a very addictive game created by the developer King. 
  2. Pet Rescue Saga, another very addictive game along the same lines as Candy Crush Saga. Also from King. 
  3. Religious deities present in the lore of the Elder Scrolls series of games. 

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